Welcome to the Wavepointstudio website.

The studio for the vintage Synth enthusiast, sound designers and producers.

Our activities

At Wavepointstudio website you can do your "Analog Synth Experience" if you want to experience the amazing and unique character of classical synthesizers and spend an afternoon playing with vintage gear, but also if you are doing sound design and are still looking for a specific sound for your production. You can also come to us to produce your complete production in a classic "synth-pop" or "synth-wave" style.

About us

Wavepointstudio website is a collaboration between Rob Essers and Rene Ubachs. Both have a great love for synthesizers and electronic music and have extensive experience in both the music and synthesizer industry, offering studio facilities and technical synthesizer knowledge.


The Wavepointstudio website services and products listed here briefly. For detailed information about these services and products you can visit the "Product" page.

Analog Experience: Experience our beautiful classical synths and play around with these

Sound Design:: Create your own sound and take it home (incl engineer)

Recording / Production: Finish your production here with a unique sound (incl engineer)

Workshop: Soon more details